Our History

Planning for a church in Jones began under the auspices of St. John the Baptist in Edmond in the Summer of 1948. Early parishioners came from Corpus Christi and from the Polish church in Harrah. St. John's Pastor Msgr. Gavan Monaghan met with a dozen families at the Hopcus residence to plan the church. Robert and Rosa Martin donated an acre of land and the Catholic Extension Society added $2500 to funds raised locally; parishioners labored to build the church which was debt-free when dedicated. 
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Our Patron

When Robert Bellarmine was ordained in 1570, the study of Church history and the fathers of the Church was in a sad state of neglect. A promising scholar from his youth in Tuscany, he devoted his energy to these two subjects, as well as to Scripture, in order to systematize Church doctrine against the attacks of the Protestant Reformers. He was the first Jesuit to become a professor at Louvain.

His most famous work is his three-volume Disputations on the Controversies of the Christian Faith. Particularly noteworthy are the sections on the temporal power of the pope and the role of the laity. He incurred the anger of monarchists in England and France by showing the divine-right-of-kings theory untenable. He developed the theory of the indirect power of the pope in temporal affairs; although he was defending the pope against the Scottish philosopher Barclay, he also incurred the ire of Pope Sixtus V.

Bellarmine was made a cardinal by Pope Clement VIII on the grounds that “he had not his equal for learning.” While he occupied apartments in the Vatican, Bellarmine relaxed none of his former austerities. He limited his household expenses to what was barely essential, eating only the food available to the poor. He was known to have ransomed a soldier who had deserted from the army and he used the hangings of his rooms to clothe poor people, remarking, “The walls won’t catch cold.”

Among many activities, he became theologian to Pope Clement VIII, preparing two catechisms which have had great influence in the Church.

The last major controversy of Bellarmine’s life came in 1616 when he had to admonish his friend Galileo, whom he admired. Bellarmine delivered the admonition on behalf of the Holy Office, which had decided that the heliocentric theory of Copernicus was contrary to Scripture. The admonition amounted to a caution against putting forward—other than as a hypothesis—theories not yet fully proven. This shows that saints are not infallible.

Bellarmine died on September 17, 1621. 

Quotes from our patron saint:

"It seems unbelievable that a man should perish in whose favor Christ said to His Mother: 'Behold thy son', provided that he has not turned a deaf ear to the words which Christ addressed to him: 'Behold thy Mother.'" - St Robert Bellarmine

Mobile Meals

St Robert Parish's Mobile Meals cooks and delivers nutritious home-style meals to homebound people on the second, fourth, and fifth Tuesdays of the month. Mobile Meals delivers from 18-24 meals to clients in the Jones area. The Assembly of God church of Jones delivers meals on the alternate Tuesdays, and the Methodist Church provides meals on Fridays. St Robert has been feeding the hungry in Jones since October of 2011.

Mobile Meals is in need of volunteers to deliver meals to the homebound on the fifth Tuesdays of those months which have 5 Tuesdays. It is a very small commitment of time - maybe 2 hours 6 times a year - please consider volunteering! Please contact Janice Amicon if you feel called to this worthwhile ministry. (405)769-7593, or email her at kalikokat@cox.net 

Parish Council News

The next Parish council Meeting will be Tuesday, January 15th, after Confessions (approximately 6:30 pm) in the Education Building. All interested parishioners are invited to attend.

Prayer Intentions for Vocations

Gracious and loving God, help the men and women of our Archdiocese to hear the call to serve the people of God. Our needs are great and our people thirst for Your presence. Open the hearts of many, raise up faithful servants of the Gospel, dedicated holy priests, sisters, brothers and deacons, who will dedicate themselves for Your people and their needs. Bless those who are serving now with courage and perseverance. Grant that many will be inspired by their example and faith. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Day-by-day vocation prayer intentions

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