Planning for a church in Jones began under the auspices of St. John the Baptist in Edmond in the Summer of 1948. Early parishioners came from Corpus Christi and from the Polish church in Harrah. St. John's Pastor Msgr. Gavan Monaghan met with a dozen families at the Hopcus residence to plan the church. Robert and Rosa Martin donated an acre of land and the Catholic Extension Society added $2500 to funds raised locally; parishioners labored to build the church which was debt-free when dedicated.

October 18, 1948 St. Robert Bellarmine was dedicated by Most Rev. Eugene J. McGuinness of Oklahoma; membership is 15 families. The 30x70 foot building was named in memory of Robert Hopcus, son of Henry and Katy, recently killed in a motorcycle accident, and perhaps in recognition of the land donor also. 

In the Spring of 1949 a rectory was built North of church. Occupied by Revs. Loftus, Brown, Luther, Murtagh. Jones has regular collections and Labor Day carnivals (with bingo and a wrestling match) to pay off its rectory.

On Good Friday of 1962 the church building, valued at $25,000 and now serving 30 families, was destroyed by a pre-dawn fire, likely originating with candles left burning after the Thursday service or possibly from a new heating unit. Residents pulled out most of the pews, as Jones, Oklahoma City, and Nicoma Park fire trucks arrived. The Rock Island Railroad had discontinued passenger service in Jones and its depot was donated to St. Robert and moved to West of the church in 1960. It was used as a temporary church until a new building could be built.

On January 20, 1964 the new church building was dedicated.  Rev. Stephen MacAulay, pastor of Our Lady of Fatima in Nicoma Park, served Jones as a mission and oversaw the construction of the new church with seating for 160 people. Parishioner Gerald Gill drew up the plans for the 40x80 foot, wood and steel building, with Anthony Grill and Company of Spencer laying the foundation and doing the interior work. The US Catholic Extension Society granted a $10,000 donation for the new church. The rectory North of church was sold and moved just east of the North Canadian River on NE 63rd St.

A replacement hall building was purchased from Jones Central School in October of 2007, their former library, and was situated West of the church where the old hall stood. The Jones Historical Society paid the church $7,000 for the old hall, which they moved to its property North of the church. After submitting high bid the church waited 2 years for the school to complete other buildings and relinquish the library to St. Robert’s. Then it took two years to refurbish, with Ed Richardson overseeing the project, total cost around $60,000.

In January 2007 there were 60 families and an additional 26 persons registered in the parish. Mass attendance averaged about 40 in 2009 and 55 by mid-2010. Then, Our Lady of Fatima in Nicoma Park closed and Sunday attendance grew to an average of about I00. 

The Knights Council 5396 from Our Lady moved to St. Robert. In October of 2011 there were 81 families and a total of 173 persons registered in the parish. The parking lot was given an asphalt surface at this time.